Los Gatos Chapter NSDAR

Los Gatos, California

Chapter Activities and Projects

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The program started as early as 1903, when the NSDAR established a Patriotic Education Committee. This has evolved over the years to the DAR School Committee. “Most of these schools began with a small group of children in disadvantaged areas where public education was not accessible. As the improvement of roads and public education facilities occurred in these areas, the needs of the communities changed. They have grown into fully operational campuses, meeting the changing needs of their communities. Today the DAR Schools encompass a variety of special needs programs including attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, adult literacy, and children in family crisis. We also serve thousands of other eager students from pre-school through college who need a place to learn to fulfill their potential.”

Chapter Activities

Our Los Gatos Chapter collects Campbell’s Soup labels, Box Tops for Education, empty toner cartridges, and cell phones to contribute to DAR schools. We will be exploring additional ideas in the future.  

Project Patriot  

Los Gatos Chapter is active in gathering items to be sent to Landstuhl, Germany. Items include t-shirts, tube socks, candy, and Christmas Cards. The wounded men and women are brought here straight from the battlefield and are in need of many items. 

DAR Service for Veterans 

Los Gatos Chapter is a strong supporter of the VA Medical Center in Palo Alto. Some of the things we do to help are provide handmade lap robes, quilts, party favors for the Christmas trays, Christmas Cards, calendars, and paperback books. We have a dedicated chairman who continues to look for new ways in which we can lend a hand to our veteran patients. 

February 2013 Quilt  

February 2013 quilt made by Daughter Barbara Yeaman

Our newest program "Operation Veterans” takes place at the VA Oak Hills Facility in San Jose.  We are looking forward to supporting with serving lunch, playing bingo and entertain a small group of veterans on a monthly basis.


The Flag of the United States of America  

The flag is a symbol of our country, and we feel great pride when we are able to promote the flag and to see it used correctly. Our chapter provides flags to schools, libraries, and various other places. We continue to look for new venues to distribute the flag.  

2012 Veterans Day Parade

2012 Memorial Day Ceremony


We participate in the annual Veterans Day Parade in San Jose and Memorial Day Ceremony at Madronia Cemetery in Saratoga. 

Historic Preservation 

Los Gatos Chapter is actively working to place an historical marker in the city of Los Gatos. Our goal is to have this project completed in the near future. Local history groups are encouraged to contact us, so we can explore possibilities for future markers.    


Those needing information on scholarships that the DAR offers should visit the DAR website at www.dar.org. All applicants will need to have a letter of sponsorship from a local chapter. Please feel free to contact us.


We have participated in the Los Gatos 4th of July event by having a Lemonade Stand and the Kings Court (Los Gatos) Christmas Tree Contest.