Los Gatos Chapter NSDAR

Los Gatos, California

Chapter History

Early History of the Los Gatos Chapter DAR

Los Gatos Chapter was organized November 19, 1929. The organizing regent was Mrs. Harry B. Payne. The chapter had the distinction of holding its organizing meeting in the home of famous writer Ruth Comfort Mitchell (Mrs. Sanford Young). In choosing the name Los Gatos Chapter, which when translated in Spanish means “The Cats,” the founders sought to perpetuate the memory of the founder of the city, Jose Hernandez. In 1840, Hernandez and Sebastian Peralta had obtained a land grant from Mexico; which contained several thousand acres on which the city of Los Gatos now stands. While exploring the holdings from the Pacific Ocean to what is now Santa Clara Valley, the party had heard the screaming of wild cats, which led to the name Los Gatos. Upon having discovered water and fertile land, Hernandez built his adobe in Los Gatos.


Past Regents Los Gatos Chapter


1929-1933 Irene Payne *+ 1974-1976 Maxine Bacus *
1933-1935 Blanche Beckwith*+      1976-1978 Margaret Wolford *     
1935-1937 Nell Hamsher *+ 1978-1980 Martha Lager *
1937-1938 Evelyn Stranahan*+ 1980-1982 Emily Bishop *
1938-1940 Edith Place *+ 1982-1984 Rhea Shirk *
1940-1942 Helen Schneider*+ 1984-1986 Tommie Overton
1940-1942 Nancy Geddes * 1986-1986 Connie Adkins
1942-1944 Marie Ellis * 1986-1988 Melody Williams
1946-1948 Florence Anthony * 1988-1990 Barbara Jones
1948-1950 Ruth Yocco *+ 1990-1992 Lee Hiscox *
1950-1951 Grace McGrady * 1992-1994 Amy J. Jorgensen
1951-1953 Ruth Call * 1994-1997 Anita Bell
1953-1956 G. Jungbluth * 1997-1999 Joan Sherman
1956-1958 Glenna Wade * 1999-2002 Eva Wood*
1958-1960 Dorothy Sanders * 2002-2004 Susan Bergtholdt*
1960-1963 Eva Cunningham * 2004-2006 Lana Tober
1963-1965 Inez Johnson * 2006-2008 Kristin Khanna
1965-1967 Edna Vincent* 2008-2010 Nancy M. Wark
1967-1970 Celia Lindstrom 2010–2012 Sandra McCorkle
1970-1972 Florence Anthony * * Deceased 
1972-1974 Mary Givens*
+ Founding Daughter


El Camino Real Chapter


On July 5, 2010, the El Camino Real Chapter merged with the Los Gatos Chapter. We welcome these Daughters. To honor their history we list their organizing members and past regents on this page. We also will display some of their artifacts at the chapter meetings.


Organizing Members (*deceased)

Mrs. Jeanene Awong         Mrs. Dorothy Fine* 
Mrs. Emily M. Bishop* Mrs. Richard Gorski*
Mrs. Charles Buerki Mrs. Mike Kunsman
Miss Cheryl Buerki Mrs. Roger Lollar
Mrs. Jack Bunnell * Miss Pamela Mestice
Mrs. Harold Callaway Mrs. Maxine McLaurin*
Miss Lori Callaway Mrs. Robert Nelson
Mrs. Douglas Canning Mrs. William Pope
Mrs. Irma T. Cleary*           Miss Gail Richards
Miss Jeanne Clemson Mrs. John R. Thompson       
Miss Pamela Cooper Miss Ruth Thompson
Mrs. Scott Dedic Mrs. Barbara Wilson
Mrs. Michael Faraday  


Past Regents


Mrs. Emily M Bishop*, organizing regent 1982-1983
Mrs. Harold Callaway 1983-1984
Mrs. William Pope 1984
Mrs. Dorothy Fine* 1984-1987
Mrs. Maxine McLaurin* 1987-1989
Mrs. Calvin Carnahan 1989-1991
Mrs. Joseph Earnshaw 1991-1993
Miss Kimberly Ann Faraday 1993-1995
Mrs. Barbara Wilson 1995-1999
Mrs. Judy Brown 1999-2001
Mrs. Shaun Welch 2001-2004
Mrs. William Pope 2004-2007
Mrs. Marlene Williams 2007-2009
Mrs. Jeanette Anderson 2009-2010